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Concert Reviews

Concert Reviews

when STAINLESS BLUE still played under the old name FULL STEAM AHEAD BAND:


The "Aachener Zeitung" wrote on 05.07.2019 (translated from german):

Open Air Rockfete "Rockballast" in the shadow of the Stolberg Castle ... Pure goosebumps feeling Afterwards it went full steam ahead with the Düsseldorf "Full Steam Ahead Band". It was obvious after the first few bars that musicians had come together here who "have an irrepressible lust for blues and rock". And the distinctive voice of singer Ralf, booming through the alleys of the historic old town, supported by typical blues instruments like harp and slide guitar, created pure goosebump feeling. Whether blues or blues rock - the musicians always drove the mood full steam ahead ... (Note: The Full Steam Ahead Band has changed its name to STAINLESS BLUE in 2022)

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