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Why we use no social plugins, and what happens with the data of visitors to our site...

does not use links to social networks, which already contain the code of the respective external network on our pages, so-called "social plugins". With us, we only find simple links, which are created by us, so that during the stay on our site no data transfer to external site operators is possible.

The situation is different if pages that use the "like button" of facebook or comparable social plugins are opened: In such cases, a cookie is already set as soon as the page is opened and the data transfer is followed To the linked site operators, while still on the linked, original page. This is exactly what we want to avoid! The background is that, according to our legal opinion, such implemented buttons are not in accordance with German and European data protection standards.

In our opinion, this also applies to the so-called Heise solution, in which the buttons have to be activated before data are transferred to social networks, for example. Since we do not know how the data usage and processing by the operator behind the social plugin (such as facebook) looks like, we could not comprehensively and according to German law according to enlighten. For this reason, we also omit this solution variant.

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