STAINLESS BLUE is actively involved

In the German Childhould Cancer Foundation

Through our participation in Team Rynkeby Germany's charity evening, we came across the German Childhould Cancer Foundation and were immediately impressed by their idea and initiative. As already mentioned, we gave up our Team Rynkeby fee to support this project.

We quickly came to the conclusion that the idea of the German Childhould Cancer Foundation deserves even more support - after all, it's about seriously ill children and their families!

As STAINLESS BLUE, we would like to make our contribution!

We immediately contacted the German Childhould Cancer Foundation to discuss the possibilities of cooperation. As a result, we are planning - if it can be arranged - to collect money and donations for the sick children and their parents at our own concerts, among other things.

"Keeping the Blues (and the children) in our hearts"

WHAT DOES THE German Childhould Cancer Foundation?

Founded in 1995, the German Childhould Cancer Foundation is committed to improving the chances of recovery, treatment methods and quality of life for children with cancer.

Providing affected children and young people and their families with expert advice and information during the difficult and protracted journey is just as much a part of its remit as the support it provides through its social fund in financial emergencies.

The German Childhood Cancer Foundation also supports clinical, patient-oriented research projects and is the largest sponsor in the field of pediatric oncology.

In addition, the foundation runs the "Waldpiraten-Camp" near Heidelberg - a unique and award-winning leisure facility for children with cancer throughout the German-speaking world. Since September 2015, it has also been the sponsor of the SyltKlinik, a unique rehabilitation facility for families with children suffering from cancer.


The donation tins,
The donation tins, which were in the spotlight all evening, were a sign of solidarity and support for children with cancer and their parents.

A review of the 6th rock night "Homberg rockt" in Ratingen Homberg.

It was an evening we will remember for a long time to come, sold out to the last seat!

For three hours there was an incredible atmosphere, because STAINLESS BLUE were able to inspire and entertain the audience for three hours with their rousing blues rock. After just a few minutes, the spark was ignited and the audience rocked, grooved, danced and sang for all they were worth. The energy in the hall was palpable.

The evening was not just a celebration of music. It was also an opportunity to do good: For the first time, STAINLESS BLUE collected donations for the German Childhould Cancer Foundation at their concert.

When the last note had faded and the stage lights slowly went out, it was clear that nobody wanted to let the band leave the stage. But the real highlight of the evening for us was the amount of money raised.

A total of 236.50 € was raised thanks to the generosity of the audience.

For STAINLESS BLUE, this was an emotional highlight that underlined the importance of our first charity concert.

We would like to thank everyone who came to celebrate with us and support us from the bottom of our hearts. You have shown that music can not only entertain, but also connect and help. The success of this night motivates us to continue and to create such wonderful moments in the future.


At our sold-out concert at the Okiedokie in Neuss, we were able to collect €89.70 in donations for seriously ill children. And on top of that, there was a generous individual donation of €50 (many thanks to Mathias W.), bringing the total collected to 139.70 €.
Isn't that great? We are so proud of our audience at Okiedokie!

Keeping the Blues (and the children) in our hearts

STAINLESS BLUE was able to collect almost €400 in donations for the German Childhould Cancer Foundation at the last two concerts.

THANK YOU on behalf of all children with cancer and their parents for this great donation.

Keeping the blues (and the children) in our hearts!

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