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Stainless-Blue Bandhistory, Blues & Bluesrock live

Blues & Bluesrock live from Düsseldorf

STAINLESS BLUE is a blues and bluesrock band from the Düsseldorf area (Germany).

Originally founded in 2016 as "Full-Steam-Ahead Band" as a multi-member blues band with a horn section to play swing blues in the style of Louis Jordan, B.B. King or Supercharge.

After various changes, the band has now become a Sextett with the classic line-up of guitar, Keyboards, bass, drums, vocals and harp.

The five musicians play cover songs from the blues and bluesrock genre - blues and bluesrock classics with heart and soul - full steam ahead!

In 2022 the band name was changed from "Full Steam Ahead Band" to STAINLESS BLUE, because there were too many bands with similar names (Full Steam Ahead etc. ). This often led to annoying confusion.

However, STAINLESS BLUE's attitude towards music has not changed: KEEP THE BLUES ALIVE! It is still about giving and playing the blues energetically "full steam ahead!" on stage.

Some of the band members can look back on years of experience. This mix turns STAINLESS BLUE into an energetic blues rock show that immediately gets into your legs!

Line-up of the band:

Stainless Richard - Piano, Organ & Backingvocals

Stainless "Kickdrum" Dirk - Drums & Backingvocals

Stainless Toralf - Harp

Stainless Uwe - Guitars

Stainless Klaus - Vocals

Stainless "The Bass" Dirk - Bass & Backingvocals

Taking care of the technology: Stainless Harry FOH

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Here is a little video, we call it:

"Happy feet, happy drummer"


for swinging, rocking and singing along, drinking beer - simply having a good time.
In pubs, tents, street festivals ... just any kind of event!

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