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Stainless-Blue - Bluesband & Bluesrockband

Keep the people alive! Give Peace a chance!

Stop it! Stop this senseless war!

We are a Bluesband from Germany and we have and spread a lot of fun and joy with our music... "Keep the Blues alive" is our motto. But now we have to say: "Keep the people alive!" STOP THIS MADNESS!

Stainless-Blue (formerly Full Steam Ahead Band)

The "Aachener Zeitung" wrote on 05.07.2019 (translated from german):

Open Air Rockfete "Rockballast" in the shadow of the
Stolberg Castle
... Pure goose bumps
Afterwards, the Düsseldorf "Full Steam Ahead Band" continued at full steam. It was obvious after the first few bars that musicians who "have an irrepressible lust for blues and rock" had come together here. And the distinctive voice of singer Ralf, booming through the alleys of the historic old town, supported by typical blues instruments like harp and slide guitar, created pure goose bumps.
Whether blues or bluesrock - the musicians always drove the mood full steam ahead ...

The amplifiers are humming quietly...

The clacking, when the guitars are plugged...

It's about to start! Tension and stage fog spread, the spotlights cover the stage in colourful light. The guitar plays the intro. After a few bars, the drums and bass kick in and give the music a driving rhythm and a broad foundation. On this, vocals, (slide) guitar and harp bring the songs to life ...

And the party is already in full swing, because that's what distinguishes STAINLESS BLUE (formerly Full Steam Ahead Band) as a good live band.

This is how (blues) rock should be: powerful, rousing, earthy and straight ahead...full steam ahead! That's STAINLESS BLUE!

But blues are also the quiet tones and songs when the harmonica sobs and touches the heart. That too is STAINLESS-BLUE!

Because STAINLESS BLUE play blues and blues-rock classics with heart and soul ... Full steam ahead!


Would you like to book STAINLESS BLUE for your event?

Whether it's a party, pub, club, town festival, street party, open air, company party, garden party, school party ... it doesn't matter, because STAINLESS BLUE will play wherever there is a power socket.

We look forward to your enquiries under Tel: +49 (0211) 7307201

or under Email:

Alternatively, you can send us the following email form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Private events

Recently we have been asked more frequently

whether STAINLESS BLUE (formerly Full Steam Ahead Band) can also be booked as a private event. Well, of course! We play anywhere there's an electrical outlet. If you have any questions about a private STAINLESS BLUE concert, please just call or email us.

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